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Residence permit in Greece

Getting a residence permit upon the Golden visa program

Since 2013 Greece has a Golden visa program according to which foreign investor has a right to get a residence permit for 5 years when buying realty to the amount of more than 250 000 euro.

Procedure of getting Greek Golden visa is very simple and transparent: investor has to buy real estate and allow about 2 hours of time to visit authorized migration authority in Greece (personal attendance is obligatory).

Together with investor, members of his/her family (spouse, children of minority age, parents) have a right to residence permit.

Residence permit allows to:

  • Spend unlimited number of days in the territory of Greece, travel around Europe freely
  • Register Greek license plate for a mean of transport (a car, a yacht etc.)
  • Have access to Greek education and health services

Price of Greek Golden visa is the most attractive in Europe